Friday, March 26, 2010

Jelara & Josh

Jelara and Josh are such a cute couple, and are so clearly in love! They have 2 of the cutest bulldogs, Lilly and Bailey, that brought their 'A' game to the shoot and def rocked it.

I had such a great afternoon with them and really can't wait until their wedding! Calgary's weather was really quite nice for a early March day. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So this past weekend the ladies Basketball team that I play on won the city championship!! Yeah that's right we are 2010 CALGARY SENIOR WOMEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPS!! So exciting! I have played ball with these girls for as little as 11 years and as long as 15 years, we are pretty much family! I have played in this league now for 4 years and couldn't think of any better way to spend my Wednesday and Friday evenings from October to the beginning of April. We played in 3 games this weekend and worked our tails off and played amazing! Our final game was played against the reigning champion for like the past 3 years (I think) and 2 of the girls on this team actually coached some of us when we were younger. Our game ended up going into overtime and we won by 2 glorious points!! This is the first (but not the last) time that we have won this league and I'm just so proud of each and every girl that is on the team and even the ones that are on adventures overseas, we miss you!

These photos were taken right after we won, you couldn't wipe those smiles off of our faces. There are a couple of girls missing but you were with us every step of the way!!

Also I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to all the family and friends that came and cheered us on this weekend!! We love every single one of you and love seeing your smiling faces!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I love the name Georgia and I love the fact that she was all smiles for the whole session! I have never seen a baby smile so much and it was great. She loved all her little hats and my favorite was the bear hat at the end of our session. Here a a few of my favorite of little miss smiles!


I'm a tad bit behind in my blog posts but what else is new :) I'm terrible at keeping up with blogging, but it is one of my 2010 business goals to stay current with it! You can all yell at me if I have been neglecting my blog! I recently had a photo session with Haven, I have never seen a baby sleep through so much hustle and bustle and we even tried to wake her up. By the end I got a few sleepy eyed shots.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

WPPI - Las Vegas

I have been home now for almost a week and I am still reeling from WPPI. This was my first ever year going to this conference and WOW!!! What a great experience! I went with 3 other great friends and honestly had the best girls trip EVER! I had never been to Vegas before so that was kinda exciting as well, but I soon learned that I wouldn't loose any sleep if I found out I never had to go there again. The amount of information that they fill you with and resources to use is so overwhelming. I have so many things that I'm going to change and so many cool products that I'm going to be implementing to my business. This was a HUGE eye opener to me for what I want for the future of my business, so make sure you stay tuned as I will be blogging more and not just about photo sessions that I have done but also my crazy busy life that mostly consists of life, sports and photography. I know you are thinking LAME but let me tell you, the stories will not be boring!

So while we were at the WPPI conference my friends, Terilee, Vicki and Sophia decided to enter a scavenger hunt contest put on by Finao where the first prize was worth $40,000. We had so much fun putting this together and hunting around some questionable parts of Vegas. Don't get me wrong it was frustrating at times and distracting but in the end we have documented a great memory that can never be erased! Thanks so much ladies for the sore stomach that I went to bed with every night from laughing uncontrollably, I will never forget this!

Click here to view the video

And of course I can not post without a photo, here is a photo of all 4 of us at Jasmine Star's Ghetto Fabulous class.